FEMM Fertility Awareness

Understand Your Body. Improve Your Health. Plan Your Family.

Learning to chart my cycle changed my life. It brought me healing from PCOS and endometriosis, helped me understand and value my body, and ultimately helped me become a mother. Now, I help other women do the same.

FEMM (Fertility Education and Medical Management) is a science-based hormonal health and wellness program that helps women understand their body and achieve their health and fertility goals.

FEMM education gives you the information to understand your hormonal health and identify daily hormonal shifts to connect how you’re feeling with what’s happening in your body and make informed decisions about your health care and fertility.

FEMM medical management uses specific protocols to diagnose and treat a wide variety of women’s health problems by identifying and addressing their root cause.

Work With Me

Note: I am not currently accepting new clients.

Free Intro Session
Contact me for a free introductory video meeting, where I’ll share an overview of FEMM education and learn more about your health and/or fertility goals.

Fertility Education
In three virtual or in-person sessions, I will teach you about the hormonal cycle, how to chart it, and how to use it for family planning. Includes chart review and referral to medical management if needed.
$75 ($25 per session)

Chart Consultation
After learning to use FEMM, I can be available virtually or in person to go over your chart with you, help you understand your fertility, and/or refer you to medical management as needed.
$25 per month or $150 for one year

Contact Me

To learn more, email taryndelong.femm@gmail.com, or use the form below.