Our Wedding

Zach and Taryn are getting married! We will be adding to this page as we plan our wedding. Thank you for your prayers as we prepare to enter into this sacrament.

When: Saturday, September 5, 2020
September 5 is the feast day of St. Teresa of Calcutta (better known as Mother Teresa), a special saint both to Taryn and to Zach’s mom, Deirdre. Click here for our countdown!


The ceremony is at 2 p.m. at Sacred Heart Church, the former cathedral of the Diocese of Raleigh. It is part of the parish of Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral, where Taryn and Zach are parishioners.

200 Hillsborough St., Raleigh, NC (click here for directions)


There will be a cocktail hour at 5 p.m. at DoubleTree Raleigh-Brownstone-University, followed by the reception from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. We also have a block of rooms available.

1707 Hillsborough St., Raleigh, NC (click here for directions)


  • We love children and babies and welcome them at our ceremony and our reception.
  • Gifts are unnecessary. All we want is your presence and your prayers!*

Our Story:

We met the day after St. Patrick’s Day 2017 at Zach’s roommate’s birthday party. It was a miracle we met at all; Taryn almost turned around when she saw how many cars were parked outside the house, and Zach was in the midst of his graduate studies.

But meet we did, and over the next four months, we s  l o w l y started talking and hanging out over Harry Potter movies. We were both Catholic, both loved books and Tolkien, and both had an ever-so-snarky sense of humor. Finally, in July, Zach asked Taryn out for dinner.

From panic attacks (Taryn) to exams (Zach), we’ve been through a lot over the last two and a half years. When Zach proposed to Taryn on October 26 after a busy day, she went into shock (she knew it was coming but not that day!) and then recovered and said yes.

“You learn to love by loving,” said St. Francis de Sales. We’ve learned a lot about loving by loving each other, and we are so excited to spend the rest of our lives continuing to learn together.