When God Doesn’t Heal You: A Lesson From “The Chosen”

I first saw the scene on Instagram, but it went straight to my heart even out of context. In the second episode of season 3 of “The Chosen,” Little James, who we’ve seen walks with a limp, comes to Jesus after He commissions the Apostles. He tells him he finds it hard to believe that … Continue reading When God Doesn’t Heal You: A Lesson From “The Chosen”

Healing Is a Process

Ten and a half months after having my daughter, and my fibromyalgia symptoms are still here, and I’ve been not only struggling with how to deal with those symptoms while caring for an active infant who’s in about the 95th percentile for size. I’ve also been struggling with feeling like a liar and a fraud. Do I need an asterisk by every interview I’ve done and every article I’ve written about my health journey?

The Emotional Work of Managing Chronic Illness: 3 Tips for When You Lose a Trusted Medical Provider

Living with chronic illness (physical and/or mental) is hard. There's the actual physical toll it takes on your body and there's the associated emotional distress that comes with being in pain or feeling ill. This week, I experienced another dimension, which is the mental exhaustion that can accompany the logistics of managing a chronic illness.