Favorite Catholic Businesses

Chews Life

Chews Life is a Catholic woman-owned and -operated company that makes Catholic products for the whole family. It’s best known for its rosary bracelets, which come with a moveable charm for women who are interrupted a lot, and teething rosaries. My daughter loves her teething decade rosary and Mary doll (it’s actually a pacifier clip doll, but she never took a pacifier, so she just cuddles it like a regular doll), and we both love my mama necklace. In full disclosure, I worked with them on an upcoming project. But I was a happy customer before then! Their employees are mostly work-at-home moms.

Brick House in the City

Among Brick House in the City’s other products are comfortable and cute printed t-shirts. I love to wear my St. Zélie and St. Thérèse shirts and have my eye on some more! This one is also woman-owned.

Ave Maria Press

Ave Maria Press puts out fantastic Catholic books, including a CatholicMom.com imprint. Some of my favorites are Haley Stewart’s books “Jane Austen’s Genius Guide to Life” and “The Grace of Enough,” Colleen Duggan’s book “Good Enough Is Good Enough,” and “The Ave Prayer Book for Catholic Mothers.” Ave Maria Press also has two great podcasts: Ave Spotlight, hosted by Chenele Shaw, and Ave Explores, hosted by Katie Prejean McGrady.

Beloved and Blessed Art

My Bible is from Beloved and Blessed, a Catholic woman-owned business. It is painted with a beautiful mountain landscape and “God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved” (Psalm 46:5), a reminder to me to bring God into everything I do—because he is already there.

Shining Light Dolls

My daughter loves her Mary and baby Jesus doll (though we did learn why they aren’t recommended for babies when she tore baby Jesus halfway out of Mary’s arms). It’s adorable and very squish-able. This one is another Catholic woman-owned business!

Be a Heart

I love the aesthetic at Be a Heart. We were given a Mary blanket for our daughter before she was born, and it is soft and beautiful. I also have a Mary jewelry tray on my dresser, a daily reminder of my consecration. This is a Catholic woman-owned business (which also offers paid maternity leave for its employees!).

Rose Harrington Art

I don’t actually own anything from Rose Harrington Art, but I have purchased a gift from this Catholic woman-owned shop, and it looked great. I’ve had my eye on the botanical rosary and Marian floral art for a few years now.

Tara Wright Illustration

I don’t own anything from Tara Wright Illustration either, but I know Tara through Catholic Women in Business (she’s on the writing team), and I love her floral art.