Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning Resources

Note: This page is not meant to provide medical recommendations or other advice but simply to act as a repository of information.

FEMM Health

FEMM is the method I teach. The organization also conducts research on women’s health and provides training to medical professionals.

Natural Womanhood

Natural Womanhood provides information on women’s health and fertility awareness methods (FAMs). It also offers scholarships to learn FAMs.

FAbM Base

FAbM Base is a new fertility awareness database and resource.

Total Whine

On her blog, Emily Frase (co-founder of FaBM Base) talks about a variety of topics; this page is her landing page for all her NFP content.

Managing Your Fertility

Bridget Busacker has a podcast, a blog, and other resources on fertility awareness.

Charting Toward Intimacy

Charting Toward Intimacy is a great podcast on natural family planning (NFP), hosted by a SymptoPro instructor.

The Hormone Genius

The Hormone Genius is a podcast on fertility awareness hosted by a NaPro-trained nurse practitioner and a FertilityCare practitioner.

The Guiding Star Project

The Guiding Star Project is a nonprofit organization of clinics taking a whole-life approach to women’s health care.

“The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning”

This book by Simcha Fisher is a practical, humorous, and empowering book on practicing NFP.

NaPro Technology Medical Consultants

NaturalProcreative Technology (NaPro Technology) medical consultants are doctors trained in a natural, restorative approach to reproductive health that treats underlying conditions rather than putting a “band aid” on symptoms. A NaPro OB/GYN was the person to diagnose my PCOS and excise my endometriosis.

Humanae Vitae

Humanae Vitae is the encyclical by Pope St. Paul VI explaining the Church’s teaching on contraception. I have a copy in book form, and it’s heavily underlined, because it’s just so, so good.